Friday, May 11, 2007

Fun With Brushes

I usually only use Mirage for storyboarding, but for some reason today I started to play around with some fun and experimental brushes. In Mirage when you want to type text, you have to first create a brush and then stamp it down. A very annoying feature, but kind of cool if you actually just draw and paint with it. This image was created entirely with a brush of my initials "KM".


Per H said...

Looks great!

Walter Carzon said...

Great Job!

Dan said...

haha, awesome man...thats hilarious.

Anonymous said...

very creative.

I'm unfamiliar with mirage.
you seem to know it pretty well.

nice mood.

katzenjammer studios said...

I can't sit down with mirage for more than 10 minutes without becoming livid. but you make the software work for you beautifully.
really nice sketch man.