Friday, December 22, 2006

Magazine Article

I've been published! Well, sort of... A magazine called "Digital Content Producer" was doing an article on doing storyboards digitally and they contacted me at Cartoon Network to ask about Mirage. We supplied them with some art samples from one of the "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" shorts I directed and storyboarded. I guess that image is on the cover. They also have an article on-line about it. Check it out

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fosters Debut

I've been burning the midnight (and weekend) oil on some Foster's freelance and I can finally get the rewards of all my hard work (well, besides the paycheck...) The first episode I storyboarded is going to air this Saturday at 2 and again on Monday at 6:30 (PST). I guess it premiered on Thanksgiving (before the "Good Wilt Hunting" movie), but I missed it! If you are as impatient as I am, then check out the you tube version. Gotta love those hard core fans...

When you storyboard you often don't have any designs to work off of, so sometimes you need to make a pass to have an idea. Below are my roughs for a gang of thugs in this particular episode. After I board the show, then someone much more talented than myself (in this case, it's the amazing Ben Balistreri) takes over and designs the final look for production.