Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well, it's all over. I am beat! The experience of having your own table is an exhausting one. I met so many cool people. My voice is gone. Thanks to everyone that braved the crowds and stopped by to pick up a book. I really had a blast with it.
Here's me at my table. I have no idea why I made that face...

I had two of the nicest guys next to me. Josh and Justin Parpan. We got a couple prints and a book for Spencer too! Check out their art. They really are two talented guys. I was proud to sit next to them.

Here's a sketch I did of the two of them drawing

The best thing about Comic Con is coming home and seeing everything you got. It's like HALLOWEEN!

I got away from the table on preview night to secure an original Bill Presing piece!

Plus an original Derek Thompson!

I loved this figure by Chris Sanders.

Like I said. I met a lot of people!

For those of you that didn't make it to the Con and are interested in picking up a copy of my book, don't fear! You can order one simply by clicking on the Paypal button to the left and I'll get you one lickety-split!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


See you geeks at the Con! And if you ain't goin', then you're just a dork that can't admit that you're a geek. I've got news for you. You're a geek my friend. So admit it and get yourself on the road! Last one there buys the beer!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


It's almost here! I'm pretty excited cause this is my first year where I have a table! I'll be at table #F3 (see map below).

I'm going to be selling a noir themed sketchbook that's being printed right now. I just got the comp last week and it looks great! I should've gotten a photo of it before I gave it back to the printer, but I was too excited to get the final printing going.

here's a preview...

If I can get away, I'm going to try and get some time to wander the floor. If you have a booth/table, let me know where you are!

See everyone in San Diego!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Here's a short I worked on for Drew Carey's "Greenscreen Show". My buddy Chris Prynoski directed it and I pretty much animated it on my own over the course of two weeks (Mike Roush did help out a bit too!). Not a hilarious piece, but I had fun merging the worlds. Notice my kick ass shadow work!...