Thursday, June 26, 2008


I took a quick trip down to LA for a friend's wedding and got to fill out a couple sketchbook pages while waiting to board and for my shuttle to arrive. Quick tone pass in Photoshop.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Things are moving along great and the company is releasing some of our work to the public (which is really the only time I can talk about it). Lucasfilm has announced that our new show is going to premiere in theaters as a feature film on August 15 and then air as a half-hour TV series in the fall on Cartoon Network and TNT. They've released a couple trailers too!...

They even made a poster for theaters...
Lucasfilm has also announced that we've been asked by Topp's to create a series of 'Artist Sketch Cards' for their future 'Clone Wars' card series.

And I was lucky enough to get a stack of my own to do. 66 to be exact. It's a pretty cool idea, a kid can go buy a pack of cards and they just might get an original drawing out of it! Hopefully people will like what I did. I'll post a preview once I get the ok.

I'm in print!