Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Alright. I'm gunna brush off the dust that's been collecting on this blog of mine here and get it up and running. I've got a ton of stuff to post and it's just sitting in a pile of papers and sketchbooks. It's about time to get them scanned in and posted up! I'll pick up where I left off...


Pixar offers all kinds of amazing classes. One of which was a Pastel Painting class taught by the talented Bill Cone. If you don't know his work, go out and buy an "Art of" Pixar book. He's the best. Check out his blog when you get a chance too. The above painting is one I did on my own while taking his class. It wasn't until then did I really find any comfort with the medium. Here are my embarrassing first attempts...

The first painting I ever did. Just outside Pixar around noontime.

This was done in the hills above the East Bay. Just around sunset.

Also in the same area, only looking up the hill and was done in the morning.