Saturday, May 16, 2009


I went thru an old box in the attic and came across these gems. I was all about "Jedi" when I was a kid. And I've got the drawings to prove it. Who knew that I'd eventually draw Star Wars characters for a living.

I really like this one (notice the pre-special edition Sarlacc Pit)

If you look closely, you can see Han over the fire

My favorite part of this one are the witches I drew on the back. That's what the Empire needed to defeat the Rebels. A squadron of witches. Take that Admiral Ackbar!


RAWLS said...

Those are so awesome in so many ways! I'm glad you kept them!

Jay Fabares said...

omg- this is soo cute! very awesome

Philip Pignotti said...

Very cool!:) I wish I had mine still.

Julien Charles said...

Wow! So many storys and dreams run in the head of littles boys...I'm feeling the tears are coming :) These drawings are really great.

Anonymous said...


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