Thursday, March 20, 2008

Anthony Minghella 1954-2008

I hate it when the phone rings early in the morning. Not because it interrupts my sleep, but because it usually has bad news on the other end. On Tuesday morning our phone rang and the world lost a decent, kind, and gentle man. And most importantly, a dear friend of ours lost her father.

Anthony Mighella passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 54. Way too early in his life and career. When you talk to him personally, you'd never know that he was such a successful director/writer. He was so soft spoken and humble. A real pleasure to be around. I'm glad we got a chance to spend some time with him.

He was most known for his writing, but it was the cinematography of his films that first knocked me off my feet. I thought "The English Patient" was one of the most romantic film ever put on screen. Full of dignity, grace, and utter beauty. I feel sad thinking about his family and the world that's going to miss out on the stories he had left to tell.


Kenji Ono said...

Hey, kelsey.
Sorry to hear the bad news. You were lucky to have know a great man.
ps. congrats on your new job and your second baby!

Kmann said...

thanks kenji. the second baby is almost here!