Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fairfield Short

Due to many circumstances, I've decided to "officially" close the book on the short I was making with a few friends. The film just caused more stress than it relieved. A short like "Fairfield" can't be made the way we were making it. I learned a lot from this venture and know better how to get something like this made. But none the less, a lot of KICK ASS work was done for it and the people who worked on it deserve their credit. Follow the link below



Anonymous said...


excellent drawings/designs
and so many great artist involved.

sorry to hear that it got the chop.

Mark McDonnell said...

It was a good ride my friend. Please let me know if you ever resurect it or come up with another idea to grow on. I'm in.


Kmann said...

You're a gentleman and a scholar Mr. McDonnell.

You can be my wingman anytime.

David Colman said...

sad to see it come to this...fun while it lasted...