Friday, October 28, 2005

quick sharpie sketch

I did this sketch of my wife while I was on the phone. Sometimes it's good to have a post it note and a sharpie at arm's length. You never know when something may come out. A quick photoshop pass and here it is!


Luis Mejía said...

WOW! nice works, i´ll remember your blog

MikeS said...

Hey Kelsey!

Thanks again for stopping by my blog and leaving me your kind note! Much appreciated!

You have a lot of great sketches here! Sharpies are great to work with! I use them to block out stuff while I am boarding. Really nice work! I'll be back to see more!


Kmann said...

That's always the case. You never have it when you need it.

I think I did this in about under a minute or so. It was quick.